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Clarity Scoliosis Screening Web App

From: $150.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a $150.00 sign-up fee

From $150 USD/month, with a 3-month free trial and one time $150 customization & set-up fee.

The Clarity App was developed as a free online tool to screen for the signs of scoliosis and hyperkyphosis. If you are medical professional, embedding this simple, customizable, and interactive web app on your practice’s website helps prospective patients not only find you, but realize how much they need you! 

If you offer Schroth or scoliosis specific services, discover for yourself just how valuable the Clarity App can be for your practice – the first 3 months are FREE. Try it today – you have nothing to lose but opportunity!

Save $600 with an annual vs monthly subscription!


From $150 USD/month, with a 3-month free trial and one time $150 customization & set-up fee.

How your clinic can grow – exponentially – with the Clarity App:

Most patients who come in for scoliosis physiotherapy either had no clue they had a spinal asymmetry until it had progressed so much that they could no longer “not” see it, or a parent suspected an issue but didn’t know what to look for when screening their child or teen. 

Clarity App is free and easy for the public to use.  Whether someone is googling “signs of scoliosis” or exploring your website, this web app is a simple, engaging and instantly helpful tool for adults and teens concerned about the possible presence of a spinal imbalance. Users are guided step-by step through 15 questions and receive a summary of their answers upon completion. Clarity App does not diagnose, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Clarity App helps people become more clear with the postural signs they are seeing, and when skilled professional services may be needed. Upon completion, users are given a summary of their responses and are prompted with a call to action button, offering them the ability to request an evaluation at your clinic with one simple click! 

Clarity app does not collect any patient data – users may choose, at their discretion, to forward a summary of their answers when requesting a consult or to call.

Our award-winning UK based team will customize Clarity App with your logo and brand colors, quickly embedding it on your website so the world can start finding you today!   A $150 one time set up fee is required for new users, after which the first three months are free. Choose from a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription. 

Fear of commitment? Not a worry – you may cancel anytime – you’ll still have access to Clarity App through the rest of your chosen billing cycle. We believe in simplicity, so we make it easy if you need to cancel, and don’t charge any cancellation fees.  

Let Clarity App start working for you today!

The development team will be in touch within 2 business days and the set up will be completed within 3 days. For further information you can reach us at

*Subscriptions are in USD and automatically renew according to your plan’s first payment date. You may cancel or change plans at any time in your online account, and your updated request will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. All plans include monthly hosting of the Clarity App; we never charge cancellation or change fees.

Save $600 with an annual vs monthly subscription!

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