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Scoliosis Specific Evaluation & PT Plan of Care Template


Evaluating and establishing goals for scoliosis and spinal conditions is unique! Simply add your logo and branding colors to this Scoliosis Specific Evaluation & Plan of Care Template, or recreate this comprehensive template in your EMR. Evaluation is a comprehensive orthopedic template specific for an outpatient environment and addresses PSSE specific criteria, TAPS and Beighton scales, breath assessment, and musculoskeletal assessment and more. Goals written are simple, clear, objective and functional. Goals listed are simply suggestions; feel free to edit specific to your practice’s and each of your patient’s needs.


How to use the Canva Template Link

Upon receiving the link, duplicate the Canva file so that it saves in your Canva account. Keep the original as the template. Simply use the “Copy of Template” you just created to edit specific to your needs and practice’s branding by inserting your logo and adjusting the colors or fonts as desired. I hope this makes your life easier! Enjoy!

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